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Wow! This helped me with the reopening of my small business. The digital display on top makes it a true non-contact to display the menu our specials for fast food services plus display COVID19 messages to keep everyone healthy. I had to pass health inspections and this was super helpful. Customer service was great too!
Owner and Founder
Naeem, Owner and CEO
This hand sanitizer dispenser is nice and modern for our high-end restaurant to have for touchless and automatic dual dispensing. The dispenser can sense when a hand is placed under it and a fair amount of gel or liquid is given. The stand is super sturdy and durable. When we purchase the units there was an option for the tabletop. We installed the stand. Never once has it fallen, the base of the stand is very heavy and keeps it weighted down, I prefer this over a sanitizer that must be drilled into a wall. This one is nice as it can change location if ever needed. The units we purchased helped to reopen our restaurant safely.
La Vie Restaurant, The Wharf Washington, D.C.
This hand sanitizer dispenser is perfect for our business reopening for our employees and customer coming into sanitizer or clean their hands. I like the floor stand better because it can be moved around to different locations as needed. Operating is easy. Touchless so no need in worrying about getting germs from the dispenser. It is well worth having one in business.